MissMap is a smartphone application that seeks to inform women about the safety of various establishments prior to attending by providing a platform to share and read reviews by previous visitors. This will also incentivise establishments to improve in their standards of service and address the shortcomings in their protocols and policies. Further, through creating a supportive community of women, MissMap strives to encourage women to speak out about their experiences, heightening the possibility of holding offenders to account. In doing so, the MissMap community will be able to effectively progress the feminist movement by relaying to society the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence. MissMap is the app women knew they needed and most certainly knew they wanted!

Available now in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. MissMap – know before you go.

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Know Before You Go – Introducing

Launched 30th November 2018

As a young woman in her 20s, Priya Lehal has taken women’s safety into her own hands and through it, MissMap was born. MissMap was inspired by Priya’s desire to advocate for women’s rights in a way that would empower women to speak up through their commitment to each other as a community.

The motivation behind MissMap is to further the movement created by #metoo, which has developed a community amongst women, allowing them to share their experiences with sexual and gender-based violence. Our current socio-political environment enables a world that defines women according to patriarchal values that not only turn a deaf ear to any attempt by women to advocate for their rights to bodily integrity but also encourages women not to advocate at all. This unfortunate reality is what motivated Priya to turn what initially started as a high school project into an app that is now available to women across the world.

Discussions on women’s safety are happening around the world. Despite these efforts, there is still a need for a global community of women, with micro-communities between local women and tourists, to address the issue on a first hand basis.

Core Features

Create your Profile

Create your own personalised profile and follow other MissMap users of your choice.

Set Filters

Set filters on your locations for example, on locations star rating, reviewed by your network, most reviewed locations and many more.


Write reviews on the locations you have visited. MissMap then informs other women about the safety of establishments they may attend by providing them with reviews written by previous visitors.

Easy Interface

View full reviews of any chosen location, including GPS map location.

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