Know Before You Go
MissMap is an all-encompassing app that allows women to rate and review their experiences. Anytime, any place, MissMap gives women the opportunity to leave their opinions about wherever they go.
MissMap’s founder, Priya Lehal, recognised the need for a platform where women can come together and share their experiences in different places. 
Ultimately, her goal for MissMap is to create an online community of women who can bring awareness to women’s safety and encourage venues and locations to take control and improve on this front.
The app works in two ways: as a platform to rate and review venues and also as a reference for previous experiences. Users can check others’ ratings and use them to plan their outings. With women in mind, the app was designed to be efficient and aesthetically pleasing.
Using your location, simply select the type of venue you are looking for, and MissMap will provide a number of venues near you and their ratings. Add your own review and become part of the MissMap movement! It couldn’t be easier.
Using the app will encourage venues to address the issues there may be surrounding women’s safety. 
MissMap lets you ‘know before you go,’ so you can enjoy yourself without having to worry.
MissMap is the app women knew they needed and most definitely knew they wanted!